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Welcome to HealthyInOnslow.  We’re excited to be your partner in health and wellness. On this website, we’ve organized information into three main categories: eat better, move more and stress less. In each category you’ll find helpful information and tips from both national, state and local sources. HealthyInOnslow is a community outreach program of Onslow Memorial Hospital, located in Jacksonville NC.  

The idea of an online wellness community is not new to Onlsow.  The Hospital launched Lighten Up Onslow in 2011 to address obesity and promote health.  Each year, teams “competed” for prizes based upon each team’s percentage of weight loss. And in 2014, teams could also win prizes for their physical activity minutes and steps.  The program was always open to individual participants, but they were not eligible for prizes.  In addition, all of the resources on the website were free and open to the public.  The Lighten Up Onslow program was successful in helping participants achieve weight loss.  At the conclusion of our 2018 “challenge” in which teams competed for prizes, nearly 25% of our 287 participants lost over 10 pounds and 8% lost more than 20 pounds.  We were excited for these health outcomes, but we knew we could have even more impact if we restructured the program to focus on individual outcomes and take a more holistic approach.  

We spent the summer and fall of 2018 developing our new program that would focus on pre and post measurements for each participant, with benchmarks in each of the three categories of eat better, move more and stress less.  We decided that tracking 100 participants would be a reasonable approach and we launched our new HealthyInOnslow with a new 100 Challenge: 100 people, 100 days of healthy choices, 100% of reaching their goals and $100 gift card.  Within a few days of announcing the new format, we had nearly all of our 100 participants signed up.    At the kickoff event each participant walked away with specific metrics to better understand their current health status in terms of weight, body fat, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, grip strength, flexibility and more.  In addition, local experts from the Onslow County Health Department provided education and information on nutrition and diabetes while physicians from Internal Medicine and Primary Care answered questions about risk for stroke and heart disease.    

Even if you are not part of our special “100” … we hope you’ll take advantage of this great resource to help you on your own personal journey of health and wellness. 

Want to join us next year?  Send us an email - admin@healthyinonslow.org

Best Wishes,
Amy Sousa, Editor

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